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Group Therapy

Group therapy can be arranged for people who would prefer working therapeutically in a group setting. Groups would consist of 6-10 individuals.

Groups can consist of:

  • Activity groups
  • Support groups
  • Problem solving and Psychoeducational Groups
  • Psychodynamic groups

These can be themed according to the needs of the clients

  • Groups can run weekly
  • Groups allow children to bond and find similarities with each other which allow them to feel more ‘normal’ and understood.
  • After school groups that give children time to express their emotions and be active in a contained setting

The following kind of groups can be run:

  • Bereavement groups
  • Art therapy groups
  • Self esteem groups
  • Persona doll groups – emotional expression and understanding
  • Bullying groups
  • Any issue that may be relevant to children and their development
  • Parenting groups